Sunday, 13 November 2016

DIY : How to Re Use your Broken Lipsticks?

Hey beautiful Ladies , Hope you all are doing fine.

We all know the pain if our expensive lipsticks are broken and then we are not able to use it the way we can.
But now we have come with an excellent DIY Project which will sought all these problems.
you can absolutely do it at home.Its that super simple.

So lets us start Step by Step -

A) Things you will need handy:

1. Candle -1 No
2. Match Box -1 No
3. Table spoon -1 No
4. One Old empty container of eye shadow/ Lip Balm/ Foundation/Shimmer.
5. Small brush / Old lip Gloss /Lipstick brush

B) Step Wise procedure :

1. Light the candle.
2. Take the table spoon and put the broken lipstick on it
3. Put the Spoon with lipstick on the flame A bit above the end of flame.
4. Wait till your lipstick melts fully on the spoon.
5. Put immediately the melted lipstick in the container you have.
6. Wait till the lipstick in the container is cooled down for approximately an hour or so.
7. Your lipstick is ready to use again with same color with your brush.

I have tried the same with my lipstick. you can check the below photographs.

Good luck Ladies and Save your Lipsticks.

Do post your feedback's in the comment section , We would love to hear from you.
Take Good care  of yourself.