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North Indian Style Yummy Pohe for Breakfast

Hello all Beautiful Women, 

North Indian Style Yummy Pohe for Breakfast is a quick and easy to make thing. It will save your time.

The Below Recipe is made for Two Persons and Quantity can be increased or decreased as per the No of people.

Ingredients with Preparation Time – 10 Minutes

1.       Mota Poha – Two Cups spray a little water on POHA and drain it immediately and then Keep it aside.
2.       Raw Peanuts  - Half Cup
3.       Onion -1 small Piece
4.       Green Chilli – One No or as per your taste
5.       Garlic – Two cloves
6.       Ginger – Small pieces
7.       Potato –One or two Nos small ones


Step Wise Cooking Method – (Cooking Time – 20 -30 Minutes)

1.       First Take the Peanuts and shallow fry them for five minutes until they have Golden brown colour . Take out from the pan. Peanuts should not be cooked for more time otherwise taste would be changed .

2.       After removing the peanuts, Shallow fry the Potato pieces for about ten minutes for brown colour. Take potatoes also from the pan.
Note that you can add more vegetables to Poha and Fry in the same way with Potates Like Cauliflower, Beans Etc to make it more filling and healthy.

 3.       Then put one or two table spoon oil in the pan and put the ¼ Spoon of Jeera,  Garlic, ginger , Onion and Chillies in the pan. Cook until they attain a good cooked texture of golden Brown.
Note that in this method I have not used Ginger and Garlic. It depends on your choice to use them.


4.       After all the above ingredients are cooked, add peanuts and potatoes in the pane , Add Salt to taste, ¼th Spoon of Turmeric powder and 1/4th spoon of Garam Masala. Stir Well.


5.        Now add your wet POHA in the pan . Now you have to stir it so well that all ingredients will get mixed with POHA and it will have its perfect yellow color.

6.       Cook for approx. Five More Minutes.

7.       Serve Poha in the plate and garnish it with some lemon Juice and Dhaniya Leaves. You can also add some crispy mixture for garnish purpose.


Have a lovely Breakfast. We would appreciate your feedbacks. 
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